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Oral-B® CrossAction® Toothbrush

The patented CrissCross bristles of the Oral-B CrossAction Toothbrush

Uniquely engineered at opposing angles to provide exceptional plaque removal.
  • Power Tip bristles (white) facilitate plaque removal in hard-to-reach places, particularly behind posteriors
  • Interdental cleaning bristles (green/white) are angled in opposing directions to clean between teeth and along the gumline
  • Surface cleaning bristles (teal) remove plaque from tooth surfaces
  • Patented Indicator bristles (blue) fade with use to show patients when bristles are worn and brush needs to be replaced
Extraordinary comfort and maneuverability to enhance compliance.
  • Polished, end-rounded bristles gently massage gums
  • Ergonomic handle ensures comfort and maneuverability
  • Nonslip, universal thumb grip provides secure grip for increased control—even when wet

Click here to view detail graphics of CrissCross bristles.


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